Los Angeles part 1

We arrived in LA on Wednesday and came straight to our Santa Monica apartment via Taco Bell (not a fan but I’ll leave that review to foodforfrancis). The location of our apartment is fantastic. A very short stroll to Santa Monica beach, the street is surrounded by palm trees, and we feel really safe here. I would definitely suggest staying in Santa Monica. Its a chilled out area and there is lots to see and do once you step out of your apartment. Click to book at our Apartment. This apartment is in the perfect location, a short walk to the beach and 3rd street shopping and eateries.

Santa Monica Pier and Santa Monica beach. The lifeguard towers have to be my favourite thing so far. I grew up watching Baywatch so maybe that has something to do with it.IMG_9304IMG_9310DSCF1019DSCF0994IMG_9318

The following day we went on a hike up the Hollywood hills. This was a 2 hour return trip and I can’t imagine getting any closer to the front of the sign. We did the Mt Lee walk through Brush Canyon Trailhead, took a picnic and enjoyed this at the top. This trail also is famed for the Bronson caves which were fun to see.  I would recommend this walk for a great view of the Hollywood sign. You can also go behind the sign on this trail.Click for the hike details and map. Next we drove to the Griffith Observatory. A lot of tourists go here for their Hollywood sign view. I would say get your butt moving up Mt Lee and see it that way! However, the Griffith Observatory gave us great views of Los Angeles. I can’t comprehend how big it is! I would recommend visiting the observatory for a beautiful view over LA.



Then we ventured to Hollywood Boulevard to see the stars! This was fun to see and a buzzing place. It was very busy so we were happy to walk a few blocks and then grab a bite to eat…my almond pretzel was amazing! There is an abundance of parking in LA, I assume because everyone drives everywhere. We were able to get free parking right off Hollywood Boulevard in a mall (you just need to make a small purchase to get the ticket validated…a good excuse for that pretzel).


IMG_9491IMG_9494Francis is a big O.C fan so he took me on a self-guided O.C tour. We drove to Redondo Pier and enjoyed lunch here. Then we had a stroll along the wharf. This was a lovely place to be, very relaxed with lots of fresh seafood eating spots, bars, music, fisherman and activities. While we love being in Santa Monica, this would also be a good place to stay for evening outings.IMG_9548IMG_9537IMG_9583IMG_9601Navigating the freeway home. I drive and Francis gives me directions. This has got to be the best test of a relationship!


Press play!


4 thoughts on “Los Angeles part 1

  1. I love this so, so much. It’s beautiful. Beautiful photos. They made me miss you but made me so happy for you guys. You inspire me in so many realms of life X


  2. What a great blog! Definitely something to follow to get an insight in some wonderful places around the world 🙂 thanks for having this!


  3. What an awesome read! Definitely want to do an America trip one day…so is great to hear all the little details from someone you know like this…looks like a dream trip already 🙂 Can’t wait for all the updates to come xx


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