Los Angeles part 2

Press play!

This morning I enjoyed a scenic run from Santa Monica to Venice beach. I met Francis at a pub and then we continued on to Main Street. This was a bit more trendy, had more boutiques and a community feel than Santa Monica’s 3rd Street.DSCF0934DSCF0940DSCF0945DSCF0950DSCF0966IMG_3412

We headed to the Venice boardwalk which offers lots of places to hire bikes and rollerblades. We hired rollerblades ($7p/h or there is a full day price) and this was a convenient way to make our way to the end of Venice. The beach area has a path for cyclists, rollerbladers and pedestrians. Venice has lots of boardwalk entertainment: music, food, breakdancing, volleyball, basketball and performing arts. There was also lots of shopping (tacky singlets and jewellery). Because it was a Sunday, it was super busy.

We have been here for 5 nights. To us, that was the perfect amount of time. We never have felt rushed and have taken our time as we explored the what L.A has to offer. I know we could spend more time here but I am looking forward to the next adventure. If you come to L.A, you should hire a car. The public transport isn’t up to much but there are freeways to get you around (a GPS helps a lot). There are homeless people, but they were harmless to us. We had heard of the terrible traffic but this didn’t affect us. We stayed for 5 nights but you could do 3 and fit lots in. Farewell Los Angeles!



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