San Francisco

Welcome to San Francisco!

We arrived in a hurry to get to the Golden State Warriors game in Oakland. Attending a basketball game was actually something that should have been posted on my bucket list – I have wanted to come to an American game for so long so I’m very happy it got to happen. IMG_3544

We hired bikes for the day ($24pp) and cycled along Fisherman’s wharf, across the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito for a late and long lunch. Sausalito is a little town on the water with restaurants and boutique stores. We then caught the ferry back to Fisherman’s wharf. The ferry trip gave us more beautiful views of the bridge. The perfect way to settle into the city! The ride was 16km and so fun cruising along the bridge and down to Sausalito.


Eddie Huang’s “Huang’s World” on Munchies inspired Francis and I to check out Mission District. Specifically, we were on a hunt for burritos. We tried 2 Taqueria’s, which I’ll leave the review to foodforfrancis. Mission Street had tonnes of eateries and Valenica Street had more boutique shops. A little hipster, a little Mexican, a fun place to spend a day wandering and eating.


Interesting read about San Francisco’s eviction crisis 2015

Tourist stop to see the Painted Ladies! We were planning to have a picnic on the lawn here to admire the view, but the park was actually closed off for renovations! The skyline backdrop does make this a gorgeous site, however walk a few blocks anywhere in San Francisco and you will see equally beautiful homes. Definitely worth the stop if the park is open to enjoy the view while relaxing on the grass.


We spent a morning at the markets down by the Ferry Plaza. Visit on on Saturday and you get the deluxe edition.


We visited Alcatraz! If you know me, you know I love reading about and have an interest in prisons and crime. This was the first prison I have visited. It was amazing and the audio tour helped us to understand the island and the history behind the prison. Reasonably priced at $33US! Allow 3 hours at least on the island. There are also beautiful gardens and distant views of the city to enjoy during your time at Alcatraz.


Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the de Young museum. Simply beautiful. Here were my favourites…


San Francisco is a great city and we have loved our 5 full days here. The public transport is good ($2.25 a bus trip and that can be used multiple times over a few hours). Our accommodation is in Inner Richmond, or maybe its Little Russia (the suburbs all blend to me). It feels really safe here and like the rest of the city, there are plenty of food options…we have literally been zig-zagging our way through the streets as we continue to spot restaurants. If you plan on visiting Alcatraz, book well in advance. The exploratorium looks like an awesome place to visit. Given another day, I would do that too. With the beautiful houses everywhere, this city has a lot of character and has been a pleasure to visit.

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