The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was simply stunning! I seriously felt like I was staring at a painting all day, it didn’t look real. We decided to go to the south rim of the canyon. While this takes much longer to get to from Vegas than the west rim (9hrs driving total for the south rim), the views are more spectacular and there are more opportunities for hikes. TripAdvisor and other forums lead us to believe that the exquisite pictures you see of the canyon are taken from the south rim. Also, because it is a National Park at the south rim, the helicopters are not able to land here. This makes it super peaceful and there were many times when we were by ourselves, with the grand canyon. I would definitely recommend booking with Tom at Red Rock Canyon Tours. Rated excellent on TripAdvisor, Tom gets you to the canyon early and for maximum “canyon time”. I would also suggest staying a few nights at the south rim because it was simply beautiful once you are there, thats what we will do next time!IMG_0377IMG_0340IMG_0349IMG_0385IMG_0341IMG_0357IMG_0347IMG_0389IMG_0350IMG_0391IMG_0367IMG_0375IMG_0392IMG_0405IMG_0416IMG_0435IMG_0409IMG_0395IMG_0454IMG_0441IMG_0483IMG_0457IMG_0496IMG_0431IMG_0523IMG_0527IMG_0531


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