Las Vegas

Arriving in Las Vegas is great because you instantly know you are there! As our aeroplane landed, we were able to see many of the elaborate hotels along Las Vegas Boulevard or “the strip”. Arriving on a Monday was anything but quiet, people everywhere! Beside the pool, in the casinos, around the hotels, on the streets, in restaurants. It was a fun way to begin our week.

If you are gambling, drinks in the casinos are free (or a $1+ tip). The drinks ladies have trays with beverages ready or they can take your order. Also, you can buy wine, beers or mixers from the convenience stores and enjoy your beverages anywhere in Vegas. They don’t mind if you walk around the casinos or on the street with your own drink, everyone does it.

We stayed at Treasure Island. Upon arrival, Francis slipped the lady $20 asking if there were any complimentary upgrades available. We then enjoyed a room upgrade, giving us a beautifully high view of the strip. This would cost us an extra $40 a night so we were very happy.

DSCF1165IMG_0311322526We checked out most of the casinos. The Bellagio was simply beautiful. I would love to stay here. The guests are not tacky and the casino is more classy. The fountain show at the front was gorgeous too! Especially in the evening. 31DSCF1239IMG_3932The Luxor had a good casino, it felt more open than all of the others we explored. We found $3 Craps at The Casino Royale so for us, that was the place to gamble. I wouldn’t stay anywhere north of The Wynn (e.g. Stratosphere), because you are not really part of the craziness of the strip (unless that suits you of course). Its easy to get around the casinos, most of them have bridges or a tram to get you from casino to casino. Francis had learnt a few of the gambling games in preparation for our trip, which made it a lot more enjoyable. I am so glad we didn’t just play the pokies. Here are some snaps of the Casinos along Las Vegas Boulevard…IMG_0551IMG_0550IMG_0549353433302928272324The food is pretty full on, fatty and indulgent. We tried 2 buffets and since they were a 2 4 1 we got with our room, we couldn’t complain. There are tonnes of food options everywhere. We didn’t do any fine dining but we looked a few menus as we came across more upmarket restaurants. It definitely has food options to cover all prices and desires. I did find a health cafe at the Venetian, ‘Canyon Ranch cafe’, which was quietly tucked away on the 3rd floor spa level. This was a nice change of food for us. We also went downtown to explore what life there was there. More casinos, more hotels, and cheaper gambling. After hearing of people being “stuck in Vegas” and seeing lots of homeless people along the strip, I looked it up a bit, not realising there were underground tunnels running below most of the trip. IMG_0543I loved our time in Vegas. It was definitely something different for us to experience.  I would come back, but not in a hurry. I think what I got out of Vegas I could get elsewhere. Francis frequently said “I love the Vegas” so maybe I will be back sooner than I expect. IMG_0553

Press play!



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