Valley of Fire

We checked out of our hotel in the morning and our flight wasn’t until the evening. What did we do? Hire a car and head to the Valley of Fire. Car hire and gas can be so cheap in America ($35 car and $9 gas).  IMG_0846It takes about 1hr-1.30min to get to the Valley of Fire from the Las Vegas airport. This is the perfect day out if you wanted to get some time out of the strip. There are tonnes of short walks to do around the Valley of Fire, fitness is not a requirement here however you will need a water bottle because it was hot! The visitors centre guide you with a map and can give you advice on what walks to do. You can stay overnight too. It was $10 entry with one car.

Tonnes of photos because it was simply stunning!IMG_0594IMG_0605IMG_0607IMG_0609IMG_0617IMG_0625IMG_0621IMG_0639IMG_0650IMG_0624IMG_0646IMG_0653IMG_0622IMG_0665IMG_0684IMG_0682IMG_0673IMG_0681IMG_0689IMG_0692IMG_0732IMG_0715IMG_0754IMG_0742IMG_0760IMG_0767IMG_0789IMG_0794IMG_0752IMG_0806IMG_0814IMG_0825IMG_0833IMG_0838IMG_0841IMG_0610IMG_0688IMG_0656IMG_0649IMG_0634IMG_0776IMG_0756


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