New Orleans

I wanted to come to New Orleans for the food (Francis will get to that). But we saw and explored so much more. I just loved walking around New Orleans. Such stunning buildings and culture. We love people watching, and listening to all of the locals interact with each other (and us) was an easy way to pass our time in this city. Some of what we saw…We spent a lot of time in the French quarter and enjoyed strolling these streets to see the beautiful homes. Interestingly, the houses in this area are required to look a certain way on their exterior, so sometimes you would view a beautiful building and then find out its a parking building! We went to Frenchman Street for an evening of food and nightlife. Lots of beautiful music…jazz and blues in bars and on the street.  Royal Street was so beautiful and I enjoyed the shops. There is also a great supermarket on this street if you want fresh fruit (which is SO hard to come across in New Orleans).


We also went down the famous Bourbon Street (ignoring advice not to). But we had to see it. It was disgusting!


Getting around New Orleans was cheap and easy, we took the tram a lot. We had our head out the window with a warm sunny breeze. Holiday life! New Orleans is big on praline, which I didn’t know. I have a sweet tooth so I was happy to try out as much as I could. It was soft and a bit like fudge.

We also went to the Bayou Boogaloo which is a 3 day festival (they have over 300 festivals a year in New Orleans). This was a good opportunity to eat food and listen to music. We walked around the suburbs and got to see what locals get up to in their weekend. We noticed lots of big groups of people, set up in a park with a BBQ, games, crates of fresh fish, music and activities. Before we caught our train to Memphis, we had a delicious lunch at Cafe Reconcile. This cafe supports at risk youth to make positive changes in their life. The students begin with 4 weeks in a classroom setting, as they learn skills to carry into the work force. Then the students work in the cafe (in front of house and in the kitchen). From here, they are given an internship in hotels or restaurants. The meal was delicious and it was great to support an amazing community initiative. The most delightful corn bread was served. Click here to see what Francis ate and says about Cafe Reconcile.  Farewell New Orleans.



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