New York part 1.

New York has got to be my favourite city through America so far. We have loved our first three nights here and have made the most of our time! New York has so much to do so we are very happy to have a total of 6 nights in this big, busy and beautiful city. I would love to stay longer if we could! Photos from our first few days…


Grand Central Station was so beautiful!IMG_1370IMG_1381IMG_1394IMG_1412IMG_1557IMG_1423IMG_1415IMG_1431IMG_1461IMG_1464IMG_1465IMG_1466IMG_1469IMG_1408IMG_1439IMG_1438IMG_1449IMG_1522IMG_1525IMG_1498IMG_1493IMG_1489IMG_1539IMG_1545IMG_1559IMG_1577IMG_1584IMG_1575IMG_1564IMG_1569IMG_1571IMG_1574IMG_1583IMG_1585IMG_6612IMG_1647IMG_1600IMG_1626IMG_1665IMG_1631IMG_1671IMG_4307IMG_1698IMG_1632IMG_1699IMG_1704IMG_6640IMG_6645


Part 2 coming soon!



2 thoughts on “New York part 1.

  1. There is food everywhere! Basically anything you want, you can get – and at a range of prices! Also, this has been the first place in America where I have seen easily accessible fruit (street carts on what seems like every block are selling berries, bananas, avocado). Theres also SO many convenience stores that have a salad bar (where you pay $8 and get to choose from a huge list of toppings, chickpeas, blue cheese, cherry tomato etc). Bagels everywhere (on street carts and at the convenience stores and cafes, I got a $1.75 cream cheese bagel yumm). We have been sampling the traditional NY foods we had heard about – have been using the yelp app to find these places. I can see why New Yorkers don’t need to cook much, its all so convenient. And the coffee – like 10 different kinds of filter coffee at a convenience store.


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