New York part 2.

Press play!


Part 2 debrief…We planned on visiting Top of the rock for sunset, but it was super foggy! We still got a great view and I felt bad for the people arriving after us, who saw nothing. Due to the fog, we missed out on a nighttime view of Manhattan but I know we will return to New York one day. We went on two morning runs, had a picnic and spent a long afternoon walking around Central Park. It’s so big that you really lose track of time and it was nice to enjoy the park over a few days. We walked the High Line, an elevated park on old railway tracks. A day trip to Brooklyn indulged our cafe desires, lots of tasty food at The Sweet Chick cafe and we stumbled across Joe’s Pizza for a slice (this establishment has a big celebrity hall of fame). We also visited the City Reliquary in Brooklyn, which is a quirky community museum with lots of interesting New York history. Given one more day, I would go back to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. We spent some time here one afternoon, Francis with his book and me listening to the Serial podcast. I loved the views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge from this park. I also wish we went into the Public Library, because we don’t get beautiful libraries like that in New Zealand. Also, lunch on the Metropolitan Museum of art steps…xoxo. We didn’t even scratch the surface on Museums and there are so many other areas we didn’t have time to explore. So basically, we will be back!


2 thoughts on “New York part 2.

  1. Love the top pic of Central Park and how crazy are those old train tracks!! How long would you recommend to spend in NY?


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