We travelled from Lima to Paracas with Peru Hop. Peru Hop is a hop on hop off bus transport system designed for tourists to travel around Peru safely and with flexibility. After using Peru Hop for the day, I would definitely recommend this method of travel. While it’s a little bit pricier than the local bus service, the door to door service is so convenient, and you visit a few places along the way! We got off in Paracas, as intended, and checked into a Hotel that we booked into while we were on the bus (that’s another perk to Peru Hop). Paracas is tiny, I really like that. Food in Peru is affordable, as you would expect. Most meals we have had are 2 courses and cost from $3-15 NZ.


During our overnight stay in Paracas, we took a boat ride to see the Ballestas Islands (“The poor man’s Galapagos”). We are huddled under jerseys because as you can imagine, that many seagulls can mean only one thing…


Before we officially left, the Peru Hop bus took us to this cliff before we continued on our way to Huacachina. You can see there is red sand at the beach! If you like, you can hire quad bikes in Paracas and make your own way here. I didn’t realise this until we were there, so now you know. Also, some pictures of roadside Peru.


Off to Huacachina we go! Coming soon…


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