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We arrived in Huacachina in the afternoon, checked into our hotel and got lunch. We then went on a sand dune activity tour – driving around the sand dunes was AMAZING! Our driver was referred to by the locals as the “crazy” driver, but  the most”professional”. He went so fast up and down the dunes, and swerving or breaking as we hit the peaks. It was as good as a roller coaster if not better. I was pretty nervous to go down the sand dunes on the board but it was fine, especially in comparison to the crazy buggy drive. As you can see, Francis got pretty sandy. We organised this tour on the Peru Hop bus and it was $25pp from 4pm-6pm, great value for money. This was perfect timing because at the end the driver takes you to a lookout for sunset.DSCF2023DSCF2020DSCF2011DSCF2031DSCF2038DSCF2027DSCF2042DSCF2037DSCF2050DSCF2064DSCF2068DSCF2058DSCF2053DSCF2066DSCF2048DSCF2091The next day, we didn’t need to leave Huacachina until 1pm. We decided it was a great idea to have a workout on the sand dunes. A lot harder than we predicted hah. We got to the top (feeling a bit nauseous) and I realised, what a beautiful picture this would be. Back down, got the camera (which was in our flooded Hotel room – thats another story) and back up the dunes (using a zig zag route this time). Beautiful. Views into Huacachina and Ica. I had no idea what Huacachina was like until the night before we arrived, staying in a sand dune is quite the experience.

IMG_2436IMG_2443IMG_2437IMG_2461IMG_2427IMG_2455IMG_2458IMG_2459IMG_2460IMG_2446IMG_2462IMG_2463IMG_2466IMG_2416IMG_2426IMG_2420IMG_2422Next we had our third meal at the delicious Le Casa de Bamboo, we enjoyed our Hotel pool and before we knew it, it was time to board the bus. The Peru Hop bus left Huacachina for Arequipa via Nazca. The bus did a 20 minute pitstop at the Nazca lines, where we climbed a viewing tower and saw a bit of this.*IMG_2508IMG_2494IMG_2485IMG_2500IMG_2512IMG_2515*If you want to see the Nazca Lines properly but still get on the Peru Hop to Arequipa, this is what I understand you need to do: leave your Hotel and 8am in Huacachina and get yourself to the Nazca lines area (there are bus services that can get you there and they have tours from Huacachina advertising this). You view the lines for 30 minutes from an aeroplane. Then you make your way to Nazca, where the Peru Hop bus comes through and picks you up at roughly 7pm.




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