We were in Arequipa for a total of 3 nights and 2 days. We explored the local markets, ate at family run restaurants, drunk at bars in search of the best pisco sour, took a chocolate making class at Chaq chao, walked to Mirador de Yanahuara for city views, visited the big and beautiful churches in the Plaza de Armas, treated ourselves to a fancy dinner with fresh local ingredients at Zig zag and went to Museo Santuarios Andinos – to learn more about Juanita, a well preserved frozen girl that was sacrificed to the gods in the 1400’s. If we had another day, we would have booked into a rafting tour! IMG_2525IMG_2532IMG_2567IMG_2529IMG_2560IMG_2563IMG_2582IMG_2685IMG_2546IMG_2646IMG_2648IMG_2651IMG_2655IMG_2660IMG_2656IMG_2658IMG_2615IMG_2616IMG_2621IMG_2635IMG_2638IMG_2662IMG_2645IMG_2593IMG_2665IMG_2701IMG_2717IMG_2721IMG_2713


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