Colca Canyon

During out stay in Arequipa, we took a two day and one night trip to the Colca Canyon.

It was amazing walking through this landscape and seeing the inca terraces, mountains, and irrigation systems that are still used for farming by the locals. You come to appreciate the skills the inca’s had as you walk through the canyon.

We booked this hike through Peru Hop for $60nz each (which includes 2 breakfasts, lunch and dinner, accommodation, transport and our lovely guide Patricia) plus an additional $35nz for canyon entrance.

We got picked up at 3am from Arequipa and begun our descent into the canyon at 8am. We arrived at the bottom late afternoon and spent the night in the oasis. There were comfortable bungalows and a pool to enjoy, definitely worth the walk in. The following morning, we begun the hike back to the top at 4.50am. By now we have both become very familiar with these early mornings. We got to the top at 7.30am. One guy in our group raced ahead and got there after just over an hour. It was pretty steep so good for him! The others paid $30nz for a donkey ride to the top (which meant they didn’t need to leave until 6am). This is a good option if you are unsure of the uphill hike. Francis and myself enjoyed a casual but determined walk up, admiring the views, sunrise, and getting to know the tour guide as we learned more about Peruvian culture. The two day hike wasn’t too hard, although its definitely a work out. The hike to the top has made both of our legs pretty sore but we feel strong for it! After the hike, we went for breakfast and then back to Arequipa via hot springs, a volcano lookout and alpaca farm.





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