We crossed the border successfully from Peru to Bolivia (another reason why taking Peru Hop made life easier…they help you out a bit here). We then continued around Lake Titicaca with Bolivia Hop to Copacabana. It is a small village by the lake, and has some hippy vibes going on. It did feel different to Peru the moment we got to Bolivia, which felt strange. There are boat trips, big hikes and other activities to do in Copacabana, but we used our time to recharge and relax. We spent our time eating, people watching and walking up to a view of the lake…it was so beautiful! We spent awhile here, catching our breathe and enjoying the sunshine. The best breakfast and coffee I’ve had in South America was from El Condor and the Eagle . Its run by an Irish guy and his wife who he met here in South America. I was craving muesli and natural yoghurt since America and I finally got a quality bowl! We also enjoyed a (very generous) dinner with beautiful views at La Cupula. These were both slightly more expensive meals than what else is on offer but in reality, really cheap!



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