Salar de Uyuni

Our 3 day tour of the beautiful salt flats and the Bolivian desert. Temperates were as low as -16 degrees celsius and we reached altitudes over 4500 metres. What an experience! Definitely not a glamorous 3 days but a breathtaking one! The salt flats were soooo beautiful and we were lucky to enjoy sunset over this glorious landscape. After the salt flats, we drove further into desert. We encountered abandoned railway trains, volcanoes, lakes, hot springs under the stars, accommodation made of salt, the best view of the milky way we could ever ask for, brick and mud villages, observing how locals live in the harsh conditions, wildlife and lots of sand, ice and strongest winds I’ve ever felt! The desert part felt a bit like what we saw on the Tongariro Crossing (New Zealand) except on a much bigger scale. I would love to go back to the salt flats in the wet season, they are like a mirror and reflect the sky.


After being in the hot springs, Francis’s shorts literally froze into this shape. 



Press play!



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