Just to set the scene

When our friends left New Zealand to move to the UK we said hopefully “see you in Morocco”. Lots of laughing, eating, laughing and more eating occurred during our time in Morocco. Morocco will always be a highlight of our trip and I am so glad we could catch up with our friends properly, for 7 nights, over tagine.

We stayed at a beautiful riad which was very close to Jamaa el Fna (a main square) and the souks. Sara was our host and she (and her family) looked after us very well. It felt like we had a Moroccan Mum. The food in Marrakech was delicious, the people were friendly and it all felt very safe (despite Sara politely warning us of incidents that could occur). We begun our day with rooftop yoga, then a leisurely breakfast. We explored the city and would relax at the riad in the late afternoon when the heat would reach its peak. In the evenings, the city becomes alive and busy and the food markets open. I was surprised by the lack of tourists in Marrakech. We didn’t see as many as you would expect in such a major city. After a few nights in Marrakech we caught the bus to Essaouira, a little coastal fishing town.



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