There’s a reason why some places are so popular with tourists and I am so happy we got to enjoy the beauty of Venice while we still can, (thanks for the recommendation Anne!) We knew summertime in Venice would be busy, but I am so relieved that we could easily escape the crowds. What I especially loved is that there are no cars, so it can be superbly peaceful if you are in the right area. Also, after being in Rio, it smelt just fine! It was so easy to get around, and we preferred to walk everywhere to enjoy the little alleys, streets, bridges and canals. We saw so many people standing lost with paper maps…GPS on your offline googlemaps will be especially helpful in Venice. Francis appeared to get us around with no trouble. While the city may not be the best place to go for Italian cuisine, we still had delicious food and made the most of enjoying pizza and pasta for all of our meals. What a lovely 3 nights in Venice!





A boat ride to Burano – an island off Venice. Picture perfect!


A boat ride to Murano – an island very close to Venice.



Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.01.38 pm
One of the nights we got rained into a bar – afterwards Francis captured this.


Next stop…Ljubliana, in Slovenia.


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