When we were planning this trip, I hunted out some beaches that I thought would be worth a visit. Navagio beach (Shipwreck beach) in Zakynthos looked all too beautiful to ignore. img_0244

Hiring a car made our 4 nights on the island a big success. I really enjoyed driving around Zakynthos, it is beautiful and green. Isolated hills, lush bush, swimming caves and sandy beaches. It has a great setting for a summer holiday. We stayed in Ammoudi and loved it. After driving through the bigger towns, they felt a bit dated and packed with tourist shops and people. I would definitely return to Ammoudi!

Navagio Beach:

We went to the beach lookout at 9am. It seemed like we were the first to arrive (which is what we were aiming for). After taking a good look, we walked around to admire the beach from behind. Rocky terrain and a bit off track, but definitely worth it! When we returned to the lookout spot, there were tonnes of other tourists so we were happy we got there first to enjoy the peace and quiet. I could stare at this beach for agesssss…so I am happy we had the opportunity to enjoy the view all to ourselves.

It is the most beautiful beach!





Porto Vromni

Worth a swim and a meal at the quality taverna that overlooks the bay. Simply wonderful! Check out that view…


Porto Limnionas:

Swimming caves, sun loungers and a restaurant that does the best Frappe so far.



On our last day we were booked to do a boat trip to Navagio beach (it is only accessible by boat). Unfortunately there was a massive storm (just think of the stormiest movie you know) and the trip was cancelled. Despite not actually doing the tour, I would recommend Levante Speedboat Excursions to get to the beach. They are famous for being first on the beach (before the big boats and hoards of tourists arrive) which is a must in my opinion. Apparently the captain holds the only permit to leave from a particular port, which enables him to get there first. Missing out on visiting the beach just means we will have to return to Zakynthos. We had an enjoyable time nevertheless so I look forward to finishing my beach dream another time. Zakynthos…to be continued!

Francis shares what we ate, here.


Driving around the island:





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