Guest Blog: Francis Hill – Bulgaria

Hi all, Francis here. Penelope told me that as it was completely my choice to come to Bulgaria she’s having a blog holiday and I’m on Places duty. My whole reason for wanting to come to Bulgaria was to visit the Buzludzha monument, an abandoned communist meeting hall/monument on top of a mountain. But we’ll get to that in just a moment. We caught the train from Thessaloniki to Sofia and spent our first afternoon looking around the town before having a much anticipated Chinese meal for dinner.



The next day we rented a car and drove to Kazanluk, where we based ourselves for the night for our visit to Buzludzha. It was interesting driving through the countryside and small towns in this country I knew almost nothing about. Life here looks very different.


From Kazanluk we made the short drive up the Shipka Pass to check out Buzludzha. The building is awesome to look at, its like something from Star Trek has landed on the hill. I was hoping I could get inside to have a look about, but sadly it seems like the small hole you used to be able to climb through has been boarded up. That said, it was still worth the trip just to walk around the outside. The building is in pretty bad shape, you can see the roof isn’t exactly watertight.




We’re moving on to Romania now, somewhere Penelope helped choose to visit after we decided to skip Turkey, so I expect her to be back in full blog mode sometime soon.


One thought on “Guest Blog: Francis Hill – Bulgaria

  1. Hey! Awesome pictures you had here. This post caught my attention when I saw the Buzludzha. I am living in Sofia, and this city and this country has so much to discover! I found out about Buzludzha as soon as I arrived but I never had the opportunity of visiting it. (I will soon, I hope).

    Enjoy Romania, and if you ever think of coming back to Bulgaria, do not miss the Seven Lakes of Rila, my Top 1 wonder of the world! It’s magic. You can also find out more about in my blog.

    Enjoy your trip! In Romania do not forget about the Transylvania Mountains and the Bran Castle. Also if you have a chance you should check Timisoara, which seems to be very beautiful.

    Best regards.


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