We were supposed to spend our last week of Europe, in Turkey. However, for a bit of safety insurance, we decided to change our travel plans and visit Romania instead. Maybe it was the little to no expectations, but we have seriously loved our time in Romania! We decided to visit three places and make the most out of the opportunity to explore the country. After travelling through Albania, Greece and Bulgaria, coming to Romania reminded us of the European feel you find in France or Germany (but without the European price tag and crowds of tourists).

Sighișoara: When I read up about Sighișoara (“See ghee swahr’ ah”), it referred to the town being like a “child’s fairytale” filled with towers, gingerbread houses and narrow cobblestone streets. It was so cute! I think there are 10 towers (and 5 churches) and most of the houses have pops of colour beneath the gingerbread roof, so you definitely feel like you are in a little fairytale.



Brașov: We stayed right in the square of the old town in Brașov (“Brushov”) and this was a great city to spend 2 nights in…we could have easily enjoyed more!


Bran Castle: Inspired Dracula’s castle


Bucharest: Our final day in Romania was spent in the capital, Bucharest. This was also my Birthday, which I didn’t want to spend chasing tourist attractions. We went for brunch, hit the shops, spent 60minutes trying to get out of a Dracula themed escape room and then had a beautifully delicious dinner at a middle eastern restaurant, Aubergine.


And so, this is the final blog post in my Europe section. The time has flown by and we can’t believe we almost have the same amount of time to enjoy travelling through Asia. The countries we have touched on have just ignited more thoughts for future holidays in Europe. Europe…to be continued!









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