With our 7 day Japan rail passes, we headed for Kyoto (with a glimse of Mt Fuji on route). Let me just add, the bullet train through Japan is seriously fast! We travelled for only 2.5hrs to travel the same distance that took us 12hrs (over 2 days) in Eastern Europe.

Travelling for 5 months (so far) highlights the importance in the simple things…like this duvet! I was snuggling a cloud basically.

We were 100% tourists in this city! We hired bikes for our 3night/2day stay and checked out a few of the classic spots: temples, gardens, the food market, the famous bamboo grove and some suburbs. My highlight: Cycling the back alleys of this city. It is beyond cute, I felt like I was in an old Japanese movie. The streets were quiet because so many locals use bikes as their mode of transport so there are no nasty car engines fluffing about in your eardrums. What a peaceful 3 nights!



It landed on the rock…which is what he was hoping for. We expect this brings luck!
If the kids at my work saw this “sandpit”…it would be done with!




To Hiroshima…



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