Ha Long Bay

Long post. Can’t decide what photos to share so why not share lots!

We took #cloubledoubtsontour advice and booked a 3 day 2 night Ha Long Bay cruise with Vega Travel. This tour was definitely worth it’s higher price when compared to other tours on offer, simply because on day 2 – you are sailing where no other boats go. You might come across 2 others but otherwise it is utter peace!

Day 1:

We drove from Hanoi to the Ha Long Bay dock to get on our boat. Then we sailed out into the bay. We explored a giant cave, sunbathed on the top deck and kayaked as the sun set. We then anchored up in the bay for the night! Dinner on board with a beautiful evening view and our guide turned into a magician with some games for us all to tear our hair out over.


Day 2:

This was an action packed day. Breakfast in the bay followed by a trip to Viet Hai – a little island that needed to be explored. We did just that. A bike ride through the village, a hike into the bush and some rock climbing (literally…climbing up steep rocks) for a view. After returning to the boat, we docked at another bay and went swimming. Lots of jumping of the boat and living life as intended. We also went on a floating house to see their 80kg pet fish. We then headed for Cat Ba island, where we spent a night in a hotel. We enjoyed dinner with some new friends from our cruise!

Waking up to this! There was a couple on their honeymoon on the cruise who were also heading to NZ, so I am writing a little “NZ 101” for them.
Beginning our Viet Hai exploration…


Village School. It was Sunday so no children inside.


The view from our room in Cat Ba

Day 3:

We spent a few hours continuing through Ha Long Bay, making our way back to the dock to return to Hanoi. Farewell Ha long Bay!


Mr Binh our tour guide “Mr Bean”


Francis testing the lighting always makes for a great photo op!



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