Our first stop in Vietnam, Hanoi! We both arrived feeling very excited to be here. Any inch of home sickness was cured by the adrenaline created as you walk the streets of Hanoi. Ellard recommended we stay in the Old Quarter – pro tip! Its all happening here. The food is cheap, the people are friendly, and it’s in no way packed with tourists.


After the day exploring, we realised we had a huge list of places we wanted to eat at and food we needed to try, asap. We both know Vietnam is going to be a delicious experience. Everything is so fresh and the balance of flavours is just amazing (sweet sour salty, ya get me). Bun Cha – my new favourite food (costs roughly $2nz) and you basically get all you can eat herbs with it! Major tick. Francis has photos of our best Bun Cha yet – here. 


We did a street food tour on our first night and it was epic – a great way to become more familiar with the local food, Francis notes down what we ate his blog, just click here. 

Getting from A to B in the Old Quarter reminds me of that famous scene in the Matrix movie, slowly yet quickly (how does that work???) walk across the road, dodging the motorbikes that weave around you! It is definitely a loud place to walk around.

Motorbike maze…


Locals enjoying lunch and a beer


It appears to be wedding season in Hanoi. Every day we see the set up for what looks like a wedding reception. We were lucky enough to even see a married couple arrive for their reception. I ran across the road and they posed for me!



A night out in Hanoi, our independent beer crawl: We begun our night with cocktails on the rooftop of the Sky Bar, accidental timing got us watching the sun go down! A great way to watch the chaos of motorbikes from above the streets of Hanoi. We continued to the popular “Bia Hoi” street – where we enjoyed a few beers for only 30cents each! Lots of other tourists here, so you can enjoy a chat and a cheap beer together. After this we continued to some side of the road street food stalls, which also do beer. Finished the night with dinner, more beer and dessert (ice cream in a coconut – yum). We also had tickets for the water puppet show, which was slightly hilarious.


Water puppets
Hoa Lo Prison


Vietnam is also for indulging – massages and delicious drinks! We have enjoyed two massages during our time in Hanoi. This was a coconut coffee (basically an iced coffee with coconut through it and topped with coconut ice cream). We went back to this cafe 2 more time…sorrynotsorry! Along with its delicious drinks, its nice to find a cafe out of the chaos and noise on the streets of Hanoi.


Womens Museum


A more relaxed street of Hanoi outside the Old Quarter


It is common to go to Ha Long Bay and Sapa from Hanoi. So we used Hanoi as a “base” almost. Tonight we catch a night train to Dong Hoi.


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