The train system through Vietnam has a whole range of options for you to travel on. Previously, we have caught the overnight train so staying in the sleeper cabins has been ideal for us. For our train trip to Hue, we travelled in the cheap, wooden seats, no air con carriage. This was definitely a good experience! Locals everywhere (and a few brave travellers) sprawled across the seats on mats on the floor under seats to sleep on.

Day 1:

The Forbidden City. Maybe there aren’t many other tourists at this walled fortress (or in Hue at all) but The Forbidden City was beautifully quiet and maybe because of it’s size, we felt like we had the place to ourselves. Nothing was off limits which meant we were able to walk anywhere and everywhere. A leisurely stroll for our first day in Hue.


The details are amazing!


Day 2:

We hired two local men to take us around the tombs. We met them through a friendly restaurant owner. Locals do better business when they are just that. She was friendly, not pushy, and left the options open to us.


Getting to the tombs by scooter felt like the best option. Quick to travel, but at our own pace to enjoy the tombs. Also, fun to take the back routes through smaller roads and villages.


The gothic Khai Ding Tomb.


Minh Mang Tomb


Tu Duc Tomb


Back to our Hotel, safe and dry! Time for a cuppa in bed with The Kardashians.

Good one Hue!


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