Hoi An

Before we had even boarded our train from Hue to Hoi An (which is known for it’s tailor made clothes), we met a very nice man, who conveniently had a drawn map of his “cousins tailor shop if you need in Hoi An”. He didn’t push it, and we had a nice chat. That’s what I love about Vietnam. The locals are friendly, helpful, but rarely pushy.

Hoi An Old Town. This place feels very different compared to everywhere else we have been in Vietnam. Its quite touristy, but it is beautiful. The old town is especially beautiful at night, lit up by lanterns and with gentle music on speakers around the trees. It’s all pedestrian access with some locals and tourists cycling around and it appears scooters can only come through during the day. Our accommodation is a 5min bike ride from the old town so we have enjoyed cycling down there on a regular basis during our time in Hoi An.


On our first day there was some mild flooding…


At night you can light candles to set off into the river


Most shops or restaurants look like this.


Shopping with Mr XE! Francis had a Vietnamese shopping spree. Two suits, 5 shirts, a waistcoat and dress shorts. It was SO MUCH FUN!


Mr Xe!

An Bang Village. We were a 10min bike ride from An Bang village and beach. This village alone would be an enjoyable place to stay. It is fairly quiet, but everything seems a bit more maintained than other parts of Vietnam. You almost feel like it’s a quiet beach island. We loved cycling through the rice paddy fields to get there. Two enjoyable afternoons at the beach, followed by a delicious lunch at my new favourite cafe (I actually have a handful of new favourite cafes in Vietnam so this is a controversial claim).


Cay Me (not Cay Me 2 down the road) is where we ate two amazing lunches
More of what we ate on foodforfrancis.

I don’t know how we filled our 3 days (and 4nights) in Hoi An. We had thought to do a cooking class, and visit some Museums, but we ended up spending our time eating, at the beach, cycling, at the tailors and wondering around the old town. It went by so quick!

Now we head to Nha Trang!


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