Ho Chi Minh

Thinking back on our time in Ho Chi Minh, there was a lot we didn’t capture on our trusty Canon. Maybe after 1 month of travelling in Vietnam, the things we see feel quite normal now (even though they are very far from our New Zealand reality). Ho Chi Minh reminded us of the scooter chaos we found in Hanoi, but on a much bigger scale. Some parts of the city were very run down, and others were very modern and almost had us wondering where we were. Here are a few photos of our time based in Ho Chi Minh…

We enjoyed our experience visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels. After being through some of the tunnels (these are 220km in length approx), it blows my mind that 16,000 soldiers were here! Even after being there I find it hard to imagine! We found camouflaged trap doors and saw how real life booby traps were used.

It was a bit of a struggle for Francis, especially when we reached the “bottleneck” part of the tunnel. But, he continued through this 100metre tunnel.

We were pretty close to firing a gun…but we ate corn instead. The sounds of the guns going off as you explore the Cu Chi tunnels really adds to the experience.

The following day we went to the War Remnants Museum. The photographs displayed in this museum are simply heartbreaking! The photos we saw of the effects of Agent Orange on the local Vietnamese people was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. At this museum you also see and read a lot about the torture methods used on Vietnamese prisoners, heartbreaking!

The smaller cage holds 2-3 prisoners. This was definitely not the worst of it, sadly.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANCIS! I took him on a “from farm to table” cooking class, 90 minutes out of the city. We only have one other cooking class to compare to (in Bali), but this was an amazing class. I’ll leave it to Francis to discuss…click here!


My evening surprise for the birthday boy. When we walked in (and he saw other customers in the lounge practicing jigsaw puzzles with blindfolds) he had no idea and was really confused! We went for a 3 course (11 dish) meal at Noir. A dining in the dark restaurant, and the waiters are all visually impaired or completely blind. The room was pitch black and provided a complete culinary sensory experience for Francis. Touch, smell, taste and sound were in full force. I would highly recommend this unique dining experience if you ever get to Ho Chi Minh! I am pretty pleased with myself on this one. We eat out all the time (as you would when travelling around Vietnam, slash, the world) so I had to come up with something special. Only the best for my Husband!


We unfortunately didn’t go to the Mekong Delta, but this is something that we will devote a few days to another year (can’t do it all!).

Off to Phu Quoc. I need some peace and quiet…and the beach! But sadly, our last location to eat Vietnamese food…


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