Phu Quoc

Something about landing on a tropical island makes me so happy and content! I felt the same when we were in Zakynthos, Greece. This happiness has spread to the camera, and I went crazy! I love being amongst green bushsurrounded by beautiful beaches with warm water. I had read mixed reviews about Phu Quoc. Sadly, there is rubbish at the beaches, but there are definitely stretches of clean white sand and what I like to acknowledge as Vietnamese paradise. After our month through Vietnam, I needed this escape. I love how quiet it is here! We had 3 days on this island, and spent our time at our hotel pool (catching the morning sun) then our afternoons at the beach. We went to Long Beach and Sao Beach.

Long Beach:




Sao Beach:



Our final month of travel involves a lot of beachside lounging. When we planned our trip we knew a few weeks at different islands was the perfect way to end our adventure. Tomorrow we head to Cambodia. Stay tuned for more salt, sand and beautiful water.

Francis budgeting our final Vietnamese Dong.

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