Phnom Penh

Our 19 hours in Phnom Penh had three goals: an air conditioned sleep after our hot bus ride, enjoy some more good food (we decided on Indonesian), and most importantly, learn about the Cambodian Genocide.

Mango and Banana Frappe!

I didn’t really know anything about the Cambodian Genocide, but after visiting the S21 (Genocide Museum) and the actual Killing Fields (it sounds awful to call it that…but that summarises the horrible purpose) I was well informed. Travelling around the world we are learning more about harsh historical events that have occurred. Experiencing these places directly…seeing photos, videos, listening to audio of victims and survivors, standing in the actual environment and observing physical objects helps us to further understand the realities that are so hard to imagine from New Zealand.

We had a tuk tuk driver for the morning take us to both sites. A good excuse to get the camera out for some quick photos as we twisted our way around the city…


S21: (Genocide Museum)


Torture, interrogation and execution facility that was once a school.


Khmer Rouge Killing Fields:


A memorial, filled with victims sculls and bones. These are grouped by method of execution.


Straight after our site tour, we had some lunch then got on a bus to Siem Reap. We try not to have one night stays in places but with this in mind we got quite a bit out of our time in Phnom Penh. Lots to reflect on.


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