Our travel essentials

Fairly technology based, here are a bunch of items that we have come to rely on during our trip.


Clockwise from top left…

  1. MacBook. We didn’t initially plan to bring this but it has been so useful for storing photos, blogging, travel research/bookings and how else can I keep up with the Kardashians?
  2. Airline headphone adapters. Francis surprised me with this little gift before we left New Zealand. So great!!! We both have comfortable headphones we prefer to use over what the airline offers so this is a long haul must!
  3. Kindle. Not only useful for storing tonnes of books for downtime, but a handy way to carry all of the Lonely Planet books around city to city, country to country!
  4. Sunblock. With all this sun, sunblock is a no brainer.
  5. Sports shoes. Good for walking all day in, great for running in. Cost per wear has probably worked out nicely.
  6. Underwater camera. Some of our adventures feel a bit risky and annoying to take the proper Canon camera with us. So this little Fujifilm has worked a treat for beach days, jumping off boats and when we want to be “incognito” without the bigger camera.
  7. Wipes. Diverse little things that can be used in many ways. These saved me during my Vietnamese leech freak out.
  8. Travel Journal. Home made by Miss Scarlett. I live in the past and like to write things down on paper. Email addresses, travel inspiration, lists, jotting down notes or messages…A great thing to have on me.
  9. Passport + additional passport photos and vaccination evidence. Well, I would be in a situation if I didn’t at least have my passport on me.
  10. Safety lock. If someone wants me things, they will just take them. But this gives me a better sense of security while I leave my valuables in hotel rooms.
  11. Hand sanitiser. I like to put this as an essential, but to be honest, we are really slack with using this. In saying this, we have been really lucky with our health during our travels!
  12. Lip Balm. You know me! I had 3 Eco Store lip balms to get me through the first few months. Luckily I have found some legitimate alternatives along the way.
  13.  Bug Spray. Itchy bites, yuck!
  14. Headphones. We have had some long travel days. We think of our travel days as some extra down time to read, listen to music and podcasts.
  15. Canon Camera. This camera is big, but we sling it over our shoulder and away we click. It has a terrific zoom lens which I love to use.

AND…how could I forget this incredibly useful leather bag (thank you Gordon family). It is the perfect size to hold a few essentials as listed above that we might need for our day out and I feel incredibly safe with it because I can fling it across my body, and my hand fits over the zip (so no pick pockets will be sneaking in).

This is my ideal sized bag to travel with. My palm fits over the zip for any crowded situations.



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