Siem Reap

Cambodia has been so great! With a total of 8 nights in this country, I think we have got quite a bit out of this place. We could happily stay here longer so it’s a shame to move on…but…we are looking forward to getting to Thailand (our final country). Like we saw in Vietnam, there are beautiful restaurants, cafes and hotels in this country. It feels so undeveloped travelling around the countryside but the touristic destinations really know how to entice travellers.

We arrived in Siem Reap pretty late. After settling into our hotel, we caught a tuk tuk into the main town. Walking down “Pub Street”, it was so strange seeing tonnes of other tourists after our quiet drive through the Cambodian countryside.


Phare, the Cambodian Circus. 10/10. Sadly I don’t think I have the core muscles to join this amazing team. Max recommended this to us so thank you Max…we LOVED it. Its not only a circus act but they incorporate culture, music and dance too.


Angkor Wat: This place is incredible. We arrived in time for sunrise, and boy was this worth the 4.20am alarm clock. After watching the sun come up over the temple and the rest of the city, we explored this amazing (and large) site. It seems like lots of tour groups head back to their hotel at this time for breakfast. Instead we found a quiet spot and ate our breakfast at Angkor Wat. What we loved about Angkor Wat was the access you get. It seemed like nowhere was off limits. It can be hard to appreciate sites of this magnitude through photos (you really just gotta go there…)


Workers cutting the lawn surrounding Angkor Wat. Makes you very grateful for the lawnmower!

Then we explored more temples around Siem Reap. We really made a day of this, spending 9 hours in total at these sites.


The detail is lost in the distance, but this temple, Bayon, has many stone faces that you can when you are inside exploring.
Ta Prohm was an amazing temple. It is set amongst the forrest and you can see the trees consuming this place. How beautiful! There is a big queue at this tree because it was in  the Tomb Raider movie. A temple must!


Around and about:

The markets are full of ladies squashed amongst their produce, on tables or in little stalls. When we think back to the markets in Peru, we realise how much better the working conditions are, compared to South East Asia.


Two men using a pulley system to lift items to the builders of the house.

Now we fly to Bangkok…



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