Neither of us had been to Thailand before, so when it came to planning where exactly to go, I put it to trusty facebook friends. It felt like so many people I know had been to Thailand, or knew someone who had been. These responses led us to book time in Pai, Chiang Mai, Koh Tao and Koh Lanta. Bangkok was a given with our flight schedules (and to end the holiday with some city shopping).

After about an hour of arriving in Pai we were already in love. We want to stay longer. Not because there is anything specific we are aching to do, but because it is the perfect place to just do nothing! It is so relaxed and beautiful. Pai is basically a small town set amongst a lush valley. A mountainous Thailand escape.

We hired bicycles to get around, stayed on a farm resort and visited some of Pais “must see” sites. We spent time enjoying the cafes, night market and relaxing at our bungalow.


To get to Pai from Chiang Mai it is a very curvy road. With all of our travelling, I had actually thought I had gotten over my motion sickness. But the journey to Pai proved this to be false.

The night markets are every night and the best for grabbing dinner at. What we both loved about the night markets was that rather than all of the vendors selling big meals, there were lots of options for smaller scale bites. With Francis still not feeling 100% we didn’t get amongst the nightlife in Pai but from what we saw, the restaurants and bars have lots of live music and some beautiful spaces to lounge around and enjoy a drink at.


Visiting the land split is free. The owners give you food to enjoy, and you can leave a donation. We enjoyed warm roselle juice (roselle is a type of hibiscus), passionfruit and banana chips with jam.

Pam Bok Waterfall
We arrived at 10am with no one else around. We basically sat on a rock for the next hour enjoying the quiet environment.
Lunch at Earth Tone
Super salad: a combination of local Thai vegetables and herbs with quinoa, tempeh, avocado, goji berry, peanut, cashew, almond, sesame and pumpkin seed. The dressing was amazing, with lots of basil through it! I have a photo of the recipe so hope to recreate this at home.
Brownie with banana, choc and peanut ice cream. Why stop there? A coconut dumpling ball each.


Sunset at Pai canyon


I hope to be back. Laters, Pai!


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