Chiang Mai

My blog is becoming quite the photographic diary.

We spent a day caring for elephants at a sanctuary (feeding them, giving them a glorious mud bath, and helping clean the mud off their bodies in the river). After feeling pretty awful riding an elephant in Bali a few years ago, this sanctuary was a much more positive experience to get up close to these amazing animals. How beautiful are they?!




A Thailand cooking class. After completing 4 cooking classes through Asia (in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and previously in Bali), these are the main things that we have found that make a cooking class extra good (and what I would suggest to look out for)…

  1. You make your own dish, only cooked by you. Instead of all helping to create one big dish (as we did in Bali), you get your own cooking station and every thing you make is only handled, cooked and eaten by you.
  2. Choosing your own menu. Our Thai class was especially good because Francis and I were able to choose separate dishes to make (despite booking together). This meant we were able to learn more dishes overall and try out each others when we ate them.
  3. You get to eat the dish as soon as it is ready. This was the winning factor with the Vietnamese class, we would make a dish, eat it, make another, then eat etc. This means you enjoy the dish when it is piping hot…from the stove straight to the table! Also, this allows you to digest the food and then be ready for another dish.

Lots of cooking classes these days begin with a market tour. This is a great way to kick off the class but make sure the class has good reviews. My Cambodian market tour was a bit lack lustre (although it was really cheap so this is probably reflected in the overall quality). Our Thailand class was amazing because we discussed a wide variety of produce and then had time to explore the market on our own. Our Vietnamese class (read about it here) had a unique experience, taking place on a farm. This meant we begun the class by picking our own herbs and collecting the vegetables we would need from the owners garden.  Francis will be blogging our Thailand class soon. Stay tuned family and friends!

I would recommend both Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (click here) and Chiang Mai, Thailand (click here) classes.

Kalare night bazaar. Basically an outdoor food court filled with Thai and Western food options. I had a very good Pad Thai, cooked fresh in a wok as soon as I ordered it. There are also lots of shops around and it was such a relaxed night market!

Our first Thai massage. I don’t know how to describe it but it was basically a really good stretch. Usually I go for a back massage but this felt like it really did my body some good. More of those please!

We spent our final night in Chiang Mai at a Muay Thai fight. This was a new experience for us and I think our body language suggested how nervous we felt watching the fights. Fun to do as a one off.

Now we head to the islands! Keep you posted…


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