Accommodation worth remembering

When you are travelling for as long as we are, finding clean, comfortable and exciting accommodation is important! We are always after something with that is within budget, provides a convenient and central location, and offers a quiet space to relax!

While the following places might not meet all of our criteria, they definitely jump out as some memorable places we have stayed. A bit more out of the ordinary from your standard hotel room.

In order of appearance…

Yosemite, United States of America. Housekeeping camp #glamping. The campsite is made up of concrete style tents, with 4 single bunks inside (we booked all 4 beds). You have a place to secure your food out of any bears reach (seriously) and a fire pit to build your own fire. It was amazing! Staying literally in Yosemite (one of our favourite places we have been) could not have been more special. Along with our budget New York accommodation, it was surprisingly one of the most expensive places we have stayed. However, worth every single penny!


Las Vegas, United States of America. Treasure Island Hotel. I think this was a very exciting time because we had been doing a few Air Bnb’s through USA, so to unpack at a nice hotel for our time in Vegas made me happy because I love a bit of luxury. Francis tipped the check in desk attendant so we got a worthy upgrade (it’s a thing).

We were near the top with a great view of the strip…

Huacachina. Peru. Casa de Arena. Before we arrived in Huacachina, I did a quick google image search to see what this place was all about (you never know with Peru). While our hotel was nothing memorable to write home about, Francis says “it was dirt cheap“. I sat on a deck chair, broke it. Flooded the whole hotel room, somehow the laptop (that was sitting on the floor in a puddle) survived. I think we caused more damage than we spent. BUT, staying in the middle of a sand dune was pretty cool, so it’s worth a mention.


London: Air BnB Apartment in Clapham. This place was so cute and we just wished it existed in Wellington so we could live there. After day 1 of enjoying cooking in the kitchen, we barely spent any time here. London was action packed as we were meeting up with family and friends. But, we have nice memories of being based in this cute flat.


Marrakech, Morocco. Riad Temarrakecht. With Moroccan decor, a rooftop terrace and pool, this was the ideal place for us to spend our time exploring Marrakech with 5 friends. The breakfast was absolutely delicious and plentiful (roti with honey was my favourite part) and every room was decorated very different but equally beautiful.


Aix en Provence, France. Air BnB Cottage. Our week in Provence jumps out as one of our best times on our trip. While we were there we actually joked about out how long we could afford to stay. We loved being in France. Eating French food, having a base in the countryside for 7 nights, visiting neighbouring villages and cooling off in the pool. We spent our evenings with a bottle of wine and a deck of cards. Returning to Provence is a must for our future!


Venice, Italy. Hotel Belle Epoque. When we walked into our room, we both laughed. Were we Italian Royalty? For Venice, this hotel was on the cheaper side of things. Clean, comfortable and after all, a little faux luxury never hurt anyone.


Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Vega Travel Cruise. We had a 2 night tour of Ha Long Bay, which included one night on the boat in the bay. Dining in, sleeping at and waking up in Ha Long Bay was pretty special. We also enjoyed sitting on the top deck to enjoy the night sky, lighting up Ha Long Bay.

Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia. Paradise Villas and Bungalows. Staying on this undeveloped island in Cambodia was a new experience for us. We loved the feeling of seclusion with a bungalow in the garden with ocean views. Relaxing on cushions in the restaurant was the perfect place to enjoy the Khmer cuisine.

I hope to one day add a part 2 to this blog post. My accommodation travel dreams include a tree house bungalow, an overwater bungalow (think Bora Bora) and a safari lodge in Africa. But for now, we are ready to return to Wellington and find ourselves a house to unpack our bags at for good!






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