Something we have both seriously missed during our travelling adventure has been the ability to cook our own food and have access to familiar ingredients. Despite missing the kitchen, we have made the most of the food around the world. We often remind ourselves that we don’t know if and when we will visit these countries again, so to make the most of the local cuisine. Francis is particularly good at this. Goulash and heavy meaty meals don’t appeal to me like they do to him. These are some of the foods that I have really enjoyed or just had to try! Some countries didn’t make the cut, not because they didn’t provide tasty dishes but because I am trying to only post my favourites. Try not to lick your computer screen…

America: The photos are quite the heart attack. When in America, we had a little edible bucket list to complete (Americans have laughed at us for going to IHOP).

In n Out burgers. Francis has more pics here. The best fast food burger I have tried.
Lunch at Cafe Reconcile in New Orleans. The best cornbread, Jambalaya and chicken! See the full meal here. Cornbread was served either sweet or savoury, I can’t decide which I prefer!
THE BEST Burrito, in The Mission San Francisco! Francis’s blog post here.
Fried chicken. Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken! So crunchy you could hear it.
A simple almond pretzel from Anne’s – a chain in USA. I don’t know how it was THAT good but I remember it so fondly.
We ate way to much 99cent pizza in NYC.
Pork Bao from Eddie Huangs Bao Haus in NYC. The taro chips were epic too.
Waffles at Sweet Chick in Brooklyn. I was craving a “brunch” so this was perfect! Look at all of the fruit.

Peru: When people ask me about food in Peru, I don’t sound enthused. However, it must be alright because I have included quite a few photos. Alpaca, ceviche, quinoa soup. Yum!

We had many Pisco Sours through Peru, these were our best! Bad quality pic, high quality drink.
The Machu Picchu sandwich. I didn’t order this at first, took one bite of Francis’s and knew I had to fix this mistake. Re-ordered. Also, the freshly squeezed juice. Thank you Peru! Food blog here.
This was the richest hot chocolate I have ever had. Made with pure chocolate at a chocolate shop after a chocolate making course served alongside some chocolate brownie. Chocolate.
My first carpaccio. See the full meal here! I really liked it despite being a “medium well” girl.
Ceviche. I LOVE this! It was often served with sweet potato. We made sure to order ceviche any time we were near the ocean in Peru. So affordable there.


No idea what this was but it’s bloody good. If you ever in Uyuni, go see her. It was a spiced purple corn juice thing.


National cocktail, Caipirinhas. We drunk too many and I have zero regrets.

London: This is an easy place to eat in and enjoy a variety of cuisines. Fortnum and Mason and Harrods were amazing luxury stores to dream over food at too.

Could be the best dessert of my life, enjoyed at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. Full meal here!


Moroccan breakfast. Roti dipped in honey for breakfast. YES!
Sticky chicken and vegetable tagines. I hope I can recreate these. The tagines in Morocco were what you would expect and only dream of, delicious. More photos here.

France: The baguettes are crunchy, the cheese is no comparison and the wine, oh the wine. It is the best place to picnic, just hit the butcher, local market or patisserie and see where your nose take you! We were very lucky to also eat many home cooked meals with French families, providing us a very authentic experience.

In the middle is Francois. Francis’s host Dad and one of the best home cooks I know. The other would be Francis’s actual Dad, Greg. Lucky Francis. Lucky me! Here, Francois has used his bread dough to make a rustic pizza. Topped with tomato, herbs and reblochon (glorious cheese). I loved the texture and the flavours.
The main attraction here was my lamb with olive tapenade. Stealing that idea. There was one guy running the entire restaurant (cooking, serving) and he was so chilled out. I would be very frantic!
French tart inspiration. Aubergine, tomato and olive. Simple and delicious.
Beautiful french home cooking. An entree of stuffed vine leaves with fish and courgette flowers. This is how we began our 6 course meal in Hery Sur Ugine.
These stand out as the best almond croissants I’ve had. A bit sticky on top. Purchased from our local bakery in Montmartre, Paris.
10 different cheeses. We were told “you are obliged to try all”, despite just finishing a meal, we obeyed.
Francois home made bread. We have the recipe (somewhere in our luggage)…
A loaf with walnut, raisin and goats cheese. This was just amazing. Home made by Francois.
Smashed broad beans on Francois home made bread.
Clafouti, a classic French dessert. Done to perfection by Francois.
Shopping for groceries in France is the best kind of grocery shopping. Francis had fond memories of raw radishes in butter with salt so we got these for me to try.
One of many dinners at our cottage in Provence. Click here to read more about what we ate in France, including 2 Provincial home cooking posts.


We had read that pancakes are a bit of a thing in Amsterdam. Chevre goats cheese in the middle of my spinach and pine nut pancake. Garlic oil on top. More photos here.


Epic vegetarian lasagne. I would recommend this place in Venice, blog post here!
This dark chocolate gelato has my heart.


Slovenian cake. Layers of poppy seed, cottage cheese, walnuts and apple. Also known as…”Prekmurska Gibanica”.
Buckwheat pizza with sour cream and leek. Wondering what else we ate? Click here.


Langos: deep fried bread with sour cream, ham and cheese. I went back the next day and got another! Hungry for more photos, just click here!

Greece: Ohhhhh Greece. I loved going for a meal in Greece. We often would choose a starter, a main and a greek salad to share (one a day was essential). Greek food is amazing for tapas style dining. This is my pro tip for dining out in Greece. Vegetables are plentiful, and so is the olive oil! I really didn’t get bored of eating Greek food. Want to see more? Click here! Francis has posted lots. I can’t wait to get home and try to recreate some of these beauties.

Juicy moussaka.
Fried feta! Lemon squeezed on top is how to finish it.
Fava! Creamy lentils.
Shrimp saganaki.
Tender calamari.
Eggplants imam.
Shrimps with parsley, olive oil, tomato and a slight curry flavour.
Loukoumades. These were literally bursting with honey and were served fresh out of the fryer. I would only hope to be able to recreate these.
The classic Greek salad. Gyro sneaking in.
So simple. White beans with lemon and red onion.

And finally, the classic Greek Chicken Souvlaki…


Soba noodles with tempura in broth. This was an amazing tiny restaurant in an alley in Tokyo.
It looks basic, tempura vegetables with rice but I love this place, Tendon Tenya. Francis writes about it here.

Vietnam: Sometimes you need a break from local cuisine. Not in Vietnam. Even though we were there for a month, this was a cuisine that was so fresh and I could easily eat for every meal. I had no idea I liked Vietnamese food so much.

Bun Cha. I salivate when I think of this. Found in Hanoi. Traditionally served with a large bowl of fresh herbs, so you help yourself to these as you eat it. It is also nice to add a spring roll and dip it in the broth as you eat it.
Black rice with yogurt and shaved ice. Enjoyed on a street food tour.
Coconut coffee. We also tried egg coffee which was not as weird as it sounds.
Like we did in Greece with a greek salad, most of our meals in Vietnam were accompanied by a green papaya salad. A favourite of mine.

Cambodia: Each new country has a different drink that becomes our go to beverage. For example, Peru does pisco sour, Budapest did fresh lemonade, Greece had coffee frappe, Cambodia (and Thailand) do fruit shakes…

Mango and banana fruit shake. I need to start making these at home. Mango or lemon have been our favourite.


The salad was amazing! But that dressing enhanced it…olive oil, rice oil, soy sauce, kombucha vinegar, himalayan salt, garlic, dill, black pepper, mint and basil leaves. We also enjoyed savoury banana chips with guacamole. Holy guac!
I made this! Massaman curry. My favourite. Click to see more of what we learnt to cook.
Making the most of cheap passionfruit.

The end. I hope you enjoyed this little summary of my favourite foods from the past 7 months.




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