Koh Lanta

This island was recommended to us because it is “less touristy” and “relaxed”. I don’t have a Thai island to compare this place to, but after spending a generous 5 nights here, I can agree with these two points. It was just a really chilled out place to be. Most of the days were cloudy (and we met our first 2 consecutive days of rain we have had on the entire trip). The weather was the perfect excuse to have slow mornings playing cards, spend afternoons with a movie (we watched the Jason Bourne series) and swim in the rain. We have been spoilt for sun over the past 7 months and so we graciously accepted the clouds, which eventually turned into sun! Yay! At night the beach is lit up with an array of coloured lanterns, highlighting the restaurants. This is something we didn’t see on our Vietnamese and Cambodian beach escapes. Lets get to the photos…


The clouds cleared and we finally enjoyed sunset in Koh Lanta.


We ate here 3 times. Thai food is great, but it can be a bit heavy for me to enjoy at every meal. This restaurant gave us some alternative flavours and dishes to enjoy.


Allegedly visible from space, boats in the Gulf of Thailand using green LED lights to fish for squid.

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