Koh Tao

There was a bit of drama to get to Koh Tao with the crazy weather that’s been happening in Thailand. What was supposed to be a 1 day bus and boat trip from Koh Lanta to Koh Tao, turned into an overnight in Koh Sumui, before arriving in Koh Tao a day later than expected. It’s a good travel story and we finally got here. Our nice camera is a bit sick so we have been pretty lazy taking photos. There are lots of diving and snorkelling opportunities in Koh Tao, but to be honest, it’s the end of an epic adventure and we just wanted to blob! We didn’t explore the beautiful coral reefs or go swimming with sharks…maybe next time! The weather has been pretty cloudy but we have made the most of residing on the beach and having a big pool to cool off in.

What I love about this place is the pedestrian (and bike) street that wraps around the part of the island we were on. I have come to really appreciate streets that are not accessible by car and this made an enjoyable walk when we set off for lunch or dinner! 


Street side Pad Thai. 
I was obsessed with this place!


No Muay Thai for us. It was so nice to run in an air conditioned gym for a change. I have struggled on our (rare) 30 degrees runs through Asia!


Tomorrow we head to Bangkok…stay tuned for my final post!



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