I wrote this when we first arrived in Thailand. We flew from Siem Reap in Cambodia to Bangkok. Its hard to not compare a country you arrive in with where you have just come from. Arriving in Bangkok felt strange for both of us. Lets just discuss the roads. We both said “footpaths?” when we got off the train at our accommodation. After over a month through Vietnam and Cambodia, we had gotten used to the footpaths being used to purely host street vendors and bulk scooter parking. At times, footpaths were non existent, or unusable. Not in Bangkok. There was a lot of traffic during our time in Bangkok, but it was all so calm. It appears the “toot to let you know I’m here” strategy is not used in Bangkok, which makes this place a lot quieter, despite the heavy traffic.

I used the blog, Nomadic Matt, to see what we could get up to for our first stint in the big city.

Bangkok part 1 (24hrs)

The Grand Palace. Beautiful mosaics all over this palace and temple. I ended up taking my sunglasses off and squinting through the sun because it was all too beautiful to view through dark tinted sunnies.We also visited Wat Pho Temple and Chinatown.



Paying respects to the King that recently passed away.
Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho Temple

Tickets sales for the Lotto equivalent…

Over two weeks later…Bangkok part 2 (3 nights)

Bangkok is a shopaholics dream. With high end shops and cheap markets, there is something for every budget. Maybe I am out of practice or that there was too much choice, but I found the range overwhelming and I struggled to make any decisions. But I got there in the end and found some lovely items to squeeze into my luggage. Another travel blog lead us to try out some interesting food places, which Francis will be blogging soon.



Love some herbs for sale…


Now we embark on our journey home. With our round the world ticket, we are back to Japan for 1 night and then we head home from there. Despite taking 48hrs to get home from Bangkok, we are pretty positive about it all! Our overnight in Tokyo is a good excuse to experience the culture for one more night (even if it is brief). I look forward to catching up with everyone in NZ when I settle back into reality!

Thanks for following! I hope you have enjoyed viewing or hearing about this crazy adventure. Photos really don’t do our past 7+ months justice. We have had many amazing, sad, unusual or funny experiences where we don’t have the camera handy or rather that simply cannot be captured in a photo. This has given us many memories to take home and be so grateful for this opportunity.



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