I live in Wellington, New Zealand, a beautiful city which has been my home since I was born. An overseas trip has been a dream for the past few years and I am now ready to explore some beautiful places around the world and share my adventures with you! My number one travel partner is Francis, my husband. We travelled together before we got married and I’ve always believed that travelling with your boyfriend is the best test of a relationship. I get completely lost without Francis, he is definitely my better half when it comes to geography, directions and currency exchange. Together, we have planned a dream itinerary for our world trip. I love making the most of my travels and have been known to crawl out of bed for a sunrise or hike up a mountain for a view. I prefer the quality over quantity approach when it comes to seeing new places and I like to immerse myself in a moment. I am ready to sail away from my safe Wellington harbour and I can’t wait to share my favourite places with you!

Enjoy x


“Je suis perdu”



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